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Help Kickstart Movies To Geaux

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I'm old enough to remember what going to a drive in movie was like. It was similar to watching a Fourth of July fireworks display; lots of people, lots of cars, lawn chairs, and snacks under a starry night.

You would think that watching a movie in a quiet setting and more enclosed environment would be preferable, but outdoor cinema provides an excellent communal / party like atmosphere, perfect for socializing.

Unfortunately, the State of Louisiana no longer has any operating drive in theaters. Can outdoor cinema make a comeback and thrive in the Pelican State? The New Orleans Film Society certainly hopes so:

"For the first time, in 2011, NOFS decided to offer movies al fresco and hosted the largest outdoor film events the city had ever seen (nearly 1,000 people gathered for our first event at NOMA's Besthoff Sculpture Garden!). In 2012, we're expanding in this arena and are eager to purchase equipment so we can essentially be "on the geaux" with our very own mobile cinema system. We want to bring together audiences for exciting free and low-cost film events in neighborhoods around the city. We see the potential to show a wide range of films as part of Movies To Geaux: classics, cult films, Louisiana favorites and more."

This is excellent news. Maybe it's not a "classic" drive in, but it is able to bring movies to any/every park, rooftop, neighborhood and side of building in the area, providing moviegoers with an extremely one of a kind event. Imagine a horror double feature in the abandoned Six Flags site, or watching a classic like "All The Kings Men" in Duncan Plaza (across from City Hall). Maybe "Steamboat Bill, Jr." by the lake? These are the type of events that NOFS can bring to life.

And outdoor cinema easily trumps 3D, in my opinion. Sure, in Southeast Louisiana, you'd be trading in air condition for humidity and maybe mosquitoes, but any film fan can live with that; watching Hal 9000 plot murder under a crystal clear night while discussing the movie with friends easily beats watching Nicolas Cage throwing an axe at the screen of a corporate multiplex while remaining absolutely quiet.   

To fund this project, NOFS need to raise $4,500 in 28 days (as of this posting). A modest investment would go a great way to providing a more social movie going experience for the NOLA community. Why not chip in?

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