Thursday, February 23, 2012

Yes You CAN Work With MoviePass

The last time I blogged about MoviePass, an opportunity to beta test had been thwarted by certain chain theaters. Since then, the program partnered with a certificate service and began testing on an invitation only basis. Theaters across the country - like NOLA theaters The Prytania, Chalmette Movies and Canal Place - are currently participating, and based on Facebook comments and tweets, people are backing the service with enthusiasm. Does this mean that more exhibitors will open their arms?

Earlier today, news came across twitter that Arclight and Regal Cinemas were denying the service. Why? No official word as of posting, but it's probably similar to the reason given by AMC - "does not integrate well into our programs and could create significant guest experience issues." - and just as disappointing. Sigh. 

There is no reason as to why MoviePass can't work with theater rewards programs. It's as simple as processing both the certificate and rewards card at the time of arrival; the patron hands over their rewards card, card gets swiped, certificate is given as payment, and payment is processed into points. Done. 

And things get easier when the MoviePass App rolls out; enter your rewards card(s) info into your app profile, select which theater and showtime you want, and points get processed automatically. Data, like what movies you watch and which theaters you attend, can be sent to exhibitors / distributors / studios, in an effort to study moviegoing trends. Social networking can also be added for more direct contact with the audience:
AMC, Arclight, Regal Cinemas - you want more moviegoers? Let MoviePass help; there is no reason to say no.

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