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@NOFS Review: "Now, Forager"

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There is a scene in the independent film “Now, Forager” that deserved not only some more time, but its own movie. It features a meeting of sorts between one of our protagonists and two Eastern European men. The two foreigners rob our main character with a machete and some vague dialogue. The loot? A bundle of mushrooms.

Yes, you read that correctly – this is a movie that has mushroom bandits in it. Well, briefly has them in it, as they are only on screen for a few minutes, and never return. Had those two thieves been in this more, my enjoyment would’ve been greater.

We follow Lucien and Regina, a married couple who live off of selling exotic mushrooms they find in the wilderness. They sell these items to New York restaurants, but barely make enough income to put gas in their car. Lucien would rather continue what they are doing, as it makes him happy, but Regina wants more stability; she wants to make cooking a career. Their individual passions lead both of them on different paths, which will ultimately test the strength of their relationship.

It’s hard to pick a side with this couple. You got Lucien, who is easily annoyed by people and is deliciously passive aggressive – scenes between him and an upperclass woman write themselves – and Regina, who is warm and a bit naive. I suppose both have personalities to agree with, but in the end, they are too idealistic to last with each other, and with others – namely the audience.

Now, I’m not saying that the main characters are unlikable, but I am saying that there isn’t much to like. They’re smart and their job is interesting, but that’s about it. The majority of the story, they talk about food and mumble about their relationship. This would’ve worked much better as a short.

Wouldn’t a sequel starring the mushroom bandits be amazing? Two thieves who’ve decided to ONLY rob mushroom foragers; something interesting has GOT to be found in that somewhere. Well, as long as they don’t spend their screen time wasting my time.

2/5 *'s

You can follow the movie @NowForager and catch a screening of it at the New Orleans Film Festival on October 13th and again on the 18th. Get your tickets here and follow @NOFS for more festival info.

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