Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Top 10 Movies of ALL TIME (that I've seen)

In the latest episode of the #TeamNOLAFilm podcast, we discussed the recent change to the Sight & Sound Best Movies list, where "Citizen Kane" got bumped from number 1 by "Vertigo" - skip to 26:20:
During the discussion, we revealed our thoughts for best/favorite films ever. And, just a day or so ago, Sound on Sight asked its staff (including myself) to come up with individual Top 10 lists to be tallied for a comprehensive site list (coming soon).

So, with these two incidents happening side by side, I decided to just go ahead and post my slightly thought out and relatively pointless list of...

The 10 Best Movies of ALL TIME (that I've seen)!

1.(tie) "Apocalypse Now" and  Orson Welles' "The Trial"
- Yes, maybe it's a cop out coming up with a tie decision for the number 1 slot, but it is what it is. One may be the greatest war film made and the other may be the most absurd/hilarious comedy to be a depressing headache. Seek out both, and you will be automatically better for it.

3. Buster Keaton's "The General"
- Considering how far special effects and stunt work have come, this is truly amazing to watch. Back then, you had to do it FOR REAL. See where Jackie Chan draws his inspiration from.

4. "Once Upon a Time in America"
- You think Sergio Leone was only about the western? Pfft. If "The Godfather" is about family, then this is about memory, regret and friendship. Could've easily been at the top.

5. The Original "King Kong"
- One of the few movies to make me choked up in the end. You really end up caring about poor Kong. Another special effects wonder.

6. The Original "Metropolis"
- Not only has a wonderful message, but is dazzling and quite epic. It's a miracle that most of the missing scenes were found.

7. David Lynch's "Inland Empire"
- Lynch comes full circle from where he started with "Eraserhead". A 3 hour unofficial reinvention of "Alice in Wonderland", I like to think.

8. Abel Gance's "Napoleon"
- The only film on this list that I've NEVER FULLY SEEN. I read the book on the making of it, and knew it was among the best. Check out my earlier post on my optimism about its BluRay/DVD release.

9. "F for Fake"
- What? Another Orson Welles pick? Indeed. His final work (until "The Other Side of the Wind gets completed) is years ahead of its time. You can see where Oliver Stone got some of his techniques for "Natural Born Killers" (which almost made this list).

10. "Roman Holiday"
- I used to have a big crush on Audrey Hepburn, so I had to put this one on here. I love it when romantic comedies don't pick the easy way out, and go for bittersweet instead.

This is NOT meant to be permanent by any means, and even if it was, does it really matter? After all, these lists are really just meant to encourage discussion... So, with that in mind, please leave a comment!


  1. Pretty solid list. I have a hard time solidifying a list, but it would probably look a bit like this.

    *I am also heavily in favor of Vertigo topping Citizen Kane. I mean, Citizen Kane is great, but Vertigo deserves to be top for awhile.

  2. I guess it's fine for another movie to beat Kane, but I think most people expected Casablanca or something.


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