Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Contributions Part 2

Hello! My Name is Bill...

On May 10th the first ever Tugg event was held in New Orleans. Hosted by The Theatres at Canal Place, the screening was a sold out blast featuring a Sergio Leone classic and fellow film enthusiasts.

Man, I wish I knew any of them.

Fleur De Flicks - June 2012

Tired of watching “The Avengers” these past few weeks? Don’t worry; with a new month, comes a new slate of movies. These are some of  my ticket buying suggestions for June. Read more...

A Spaghetti Superhero Flick?

After seeing The Avengers I wondered if we’ve seen the best that comic book movies have to offer. To clarify, I think that comic book movies are different from superhero movies. This is just my opinion, and I could be wrong, but it has to do with how the movie treats the subject. For example; Spiderman 2 is a superhero movie, Captain America: The First Avenger is a comic book movie. One deals more with the main characters’ plight and conflict, while the other is just about telling a fun story. I’m not trying to suggest that one is better than the other – it’s just how I feel.

So, let me change my original question up; have we seen the best that superhero movies have to offer? Read more...

Trailer: 'The Perks of Being a Wallflower'

Being Mr. Obvious over here, I say that high school sucks. But, what sucks even more is finding a good high school movie. Read more...

Review: 'The Avengers'

I used to collect comic books. Yes, I admit it. I got swept up in the fantasy of characters with unique abilities beyond those of normal people, fighting over exaggerated villains in an effort to save their hometown, and in some cases, the world. I mostly focused on the Superman comics – during the period of time when he became pure energy (I was probably one of the few that liked that story arc) – but I certainly hadn’t chosen a side in the DC vs. Marvel fight. Why pigeonhole yourself to just one brand? Read more...

NOLA's First Tugg Event

Read more about the event

 Movie buff wants to give The Joy a Tugg

After registering with the site, I was asked by a representative what theater in my area I was interested in. I thought of a few: The PrytaniaChalmette MoviesZeitgeist, even The Alamo Underground. I feel pretty confident that any of these venues could play host. Shortly after responding to the rep, however, I realized I had forgotten one very important location – The Joy. Read more...

#TeamNOLAFilm Podcast - Episode 1

Hosted by local bloggers (myself and Chris Henson), local filmmakers (Chris Brown and Ashley Charbonnet), local crewmen (Casey Moore), local critics (Mike Scott), and open to any/all others who are involved in local film, this project has one main goal; to provide insight into the Hollywood South community FROM the Hollywood South community. Any suggestions, questions, comments or concerns are greatly appreciated. Feel free to embed and share this. And, if you download or listen to this, you too are part of #TeamNOLAFilm:

 Music courtesy of Tuba Skinny.

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