Tuesday, May 1, 2012

NOLA Could Use A Tugg

I used to operate a group called the SLU Film Critic's Association. Our function was to screen a variety of films on the campus of Southeastern Louisiana University for the benefit of all students. Sometimes, when a previously scheduled room was unavailable, we would improvise and just take another. We kind of liked doing those renegade events, but if showing our own choice of flick in a real theatre - without paying a rental fee - had been an option...

If only Tugg had been around in the groups' prime. Through this service, anybody who registers with the site can choose a movie from its collection, pick a local theatre they want to see it at, promote the event, and, if enough people agree to show up, it happens! Giving this kind of control to the audience is not only a great way of bringing classics and independents to the big screen, but an excellent way to get people back into the cinema!

If you scroll through this blog, you'll find a post where I recommend that MoviePass be given a chance in New Orleans. Well, of course, I suggest the same for Tugg. I recently had a facebook conversation with the operator of Chalmette Movies, where I asked if his theatre was participating with the service. He was unaware of it at the time, but hopefully he'll find it just as cool as I do. His theatre has great programming month to month; it makes sense to add another incentive for the audience. In the area, you have scores of film students and cast/crew members who are just itching to curate.

Why shouldn't a theatre partner with Tugg? I don't think there is an appropriate answer to that, as it only helps that theatres bottom line to promote an audience created event. If an exhibitor promotes Tugg, this increases the likelihood of a ticket buyer to create an event. If that same exhibitor promotes that event, more people will find out about it and reserve tickets. If that event happens, that exhibitor will have GUARANTEED customers coming in, probably wanting to buy some snacks as well. More moviegoers for you, more screenings for moviegoers to attend, more attendance for a movie - everybody wins.

And the city could see it's first Tugg screening next week. A local moviegoer is trying to setup a showing of Sergio Leone's "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly" at Canal Place. So far, 11 people have signed up - 39 more are needed to make this happen. We have just under 5 days...

<Update: With just a little over an hour before the deadline, the event reached the required number of audience members! 10 seats are still available...>

<Update 2: The event has now SOLD OUT! Fret not; go and register on Tugg, and start your own screening.>

Tugg only has 14 pages worth of movies to choose from, but, the more people show up to local events, the more other movies will become available, which will lead to more events. Maybe my old group should setup a revival event at The Prytania. I know there's an audience out there. 


  1. I first heard about Tugg after speaking to one of their representatives at SXSW. I love the idea of Tugg!

    I am currently trying to bring the 2012 Oscar Nominated Animated Shorts to Baton Rouge, but it's not going to happen.

    I hope to try to bring a different screening to BR before the end of this year.

  2. where in BR were you trying to set it up at? Manship Theatre? keep me posted.


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